Roof Repair & Maintenance Programs in Calgary

Over time, the normal wear and tear that your roof experiences on a daily basis leads to various problems, from leaks to structural instability. From stormy weather to ultraviolet light, your roof faces many adversaries that threaten its lifespan and your budget.

Roof maintenance in Calgary is essential for your home or business because it:

  • Maximizes the lifespan of your roof
  • Minimizes short and long term costs
  • Protects the structural integrity of your roof

Central Roofing (Calgary) Ltd offers roof repair and maintenance programs designed to meet your needs. With these programs, we inspect your roof to identify existing or potential problems, make recommendations that accommodate your budget and goals and then repair the problems we find. We have experienced maintenance personnel with years of experience on repairs of all types of flat roofing systems.

Roof Assessments and Maintenance Audits

If you don’t want to deal with emergency leak repairs, roof maintenance can prevent nearly all types of roof leaks. Proper maintenance programs start with a roof assessment which typically involves 2-4 visits from a professional technician per year in order to reassess the condition of the roof and make any minor repairs that are necessary.

Our Maintenance Programs

We offer 3 maintenance programs that are all preceded by an in-depth assessment that goes over the type of roof you have, usage, age, system complexity and design requirements to ensure we come up with the best solutions to any existing or potential problems your roof is facing.

  • Custom Program – because every roof is different, we offer a custom maintenance program that will accommodate all of your needs. This program includes inspection and maintenance scheduled by you and designed to retain the integrity and extend the life of your roof. 
  • Preventative Program – with our preventative program, we schedule regular inspections and maintenance that will help maximize the life of your roof while minimizing long term costs. Because we are anticipating roof wear, you are able to plan your budget accordingly. 
  • Five Year Program – after providing an extensive inspection and detailed report of problems found, we develop a five-year maintenance plan that includes annual inspections to ensure we are meeting our goals for your roof’s maintenance.

To schedule an inspection and set up your own roof maintenance plan, contact Central Roofing (Calgary) Ltd today.


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