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Roof Assessment and Leak Repair in Calgary

Animals trying to find shelter, heavy tree limbs falling in storms, hail, and inclement weather can cause many problems for your roof. While regularly scheduled roof assessments are always a good idea, if your roof has recently undergone excess stress, schedule your roof assessment and leak repair inspection from Calgary’s roof experts right away.

Roof assessment and leak investigation services from Central Roofing (Calgary) Ltd will help identify existing or potential problems your roof is facing. After each inspection, we provide you with information that will help us develop an overall maintenance program to lengthen the lifespan of your roof and provide you with long-term cost savings. Call us to learn more.

Our Assessment and Investigation Process

Our roof assessment and leak investigation services are comprehensive. Our team evaluates each element of your roofing system to ensure we find all existing and potential problems. Each assessment and investigation includes:

  • Visual inspection of your roof assembly

  • Explanation of identified defects

  • Roof life expectancy analysis

  • Recommendations and relevant budgets

Contact Us for Emergency Roof Leak Repairs

A leak in your roof can appear unexpectedly and cause major issues during a storm. Rather than letting the worst happen while it rains, you can call Central Roofing (Calgary) Ltd for immediate emergency repairs. To stop leaks from causing damage, we apply a temporary seal with leak stop material. This temporary solution will stop water from entering into problematic or weak areas in your flat roof’s membrane.

Heavy or continued rain can wash away the leak stop material, which is why we supply free estimates and can return to complete more permanent repairs when weather conditions and timing permit. We won’t come back to complete the permanent repairs until we receive confirmation from you.

From roof damage to effects on the structural integrity of your roofing system, roof leaks are not something to be handled lightly. If you are asking what to do, contact Central Roofing (Calgary) Ltd. Our experienced team is here to ensure your roofing issue will be mitigated and resolved quickly.

Free Written Estimates

Contact us to get a free written estimate for your roofing project.

24-hour Emergency Service

Protect your roof from water damage with 24/7 leak repairs.

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